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All I Want for Christmas
The Musical


Malcolm and Olivia Cooper are the parents of two teenagers, Ava and Jason. Although the family enjoys a relatively good relationship, external family members on the other hand has proven to be very challenging on both sides. Whilst most members reside abroad, a reunion always seem to trigger past unresolved issues whenever they got together. In the Coopers' home however, Ava always felt that something was missing from her life. Not knowing exactly what that was, she would oftentimes explore the topic of religion with the rest of her family in the hope of finding the answer. But the family's anti-religious beliefs did not make it any easier for her. Feeling that she was the only one that was different from the rest of her family, unfolding events of the day would soon cause her to realize that she was not alone.

Playing: To Be Advised
Venue: To Be Advised
Admission: To Be Advised
Time: 6:00 PM

Producer/Playwright - Earl Bagot
Director - To Be Announced
Dance - To Be Announced

Est. Run Time: 120 mins
Rated G: General Audience

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