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"Tell them I AM has sent me unto you". These were the historical words spoken by God to Moses prior to the spectacular exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. This biblical account inspired the name I AM PRODUCTIONS which was founded by its CEO and Playwright Earl Bagot. Since then he has written and produced several scripts which testifies to his God given talent to inspire people with powerful life changing messages of hope and enlightenment.

The organization is categorized as a Parachurch ministry which simply means that we engage in evangelism via the Arts without restricting ourselves to a specific Christian denomination. As such, our members with their wide-ranging gifts and talents, come from a number of Bible-believing churches. Funding for our operations are provided in part via government grants, donations, ticket sales from shows and contributions made by Agape Bible Ministries who, in addition, provides us with the use of the church premises to conduct rehearsals, training and meetings.

 A Bit More About Us

I AM PRODUCTIONS is locally registered with a Certificate of Registration from the Registrar General's Office and a Certificate of Recognition from the National Registry of Artists & Cultural Workers of Trinidad & Tobago. Our current membership is between 30-35 members which reaches a high of 80-100 persons when preparing for large scale productions. Our shows, which are entertaining, inspirational and enlightening, focuses on family life values with strong biblical principles.

With over 20 years experience in the field of script writing, producing and directing, I AM Productions (IAP) is set to become the inspirational theatre of choice... par excellence.


Earl Bagot Jr_edited.jpg

Earl Bagot

Chief Executive Officer

Natalie James-Bagot outift 1_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Natalie J. Bagot

Director - Set Design

Phillip Boodram 3_edited_edited.jpg

Phillip Boodram

Director - Lead Intercessor

Tricia Williams 4_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Tricia James

Director - Accountant


Deryk Nanan

Director - Transport & Logistics


Alicia Liverpool

Director - Events

Michael 2.jpg

Michael Anthony

Director - Videography

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