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from I AM Productions

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The Great Invitation
Playing Feb . 5 . 2023

The Great Invitation is a Benefit Concert & Drama Event that speaks to the Past, Present and Future... more


the Prophet & the Prostitute
July 27 & 28 2024

Dreaming of a better life, Charlotte reflects on past events that lead her to a life of prostitution... more


Playing 2025

As Cassidy prepares for her wedding day, Tytana isn't convinced that her sister's decision to marry... more

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There Is A Place

There Is A Place tells the story of the heart of God through the innocent... more


ADONAI... There Is A Place II

As children at home and around the world experience the endless joys of the... more


Heaven... There Is A Place III

The Kingdom of Heaven is a monumental children's production that... more

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The Last ADAM
Easter 2026

As Sylvia and her now 23 year old adopted daughter Giselle Taylor reflect on the tragic events that brought them together during... more

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A Tale That Is Told
July 2025

A Tale That Is Told features the story of two unique individuals; the title of which can only be... more


Masters of Assemblies
Date to be Advised

To Be Updated.

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1 in 7 Billion
Date to be Advised

In a world of 7 billion people, it is said that the human voice is the music of communication and speech are the lyrics.. more


Date to be Advised

Life is not fair, it never was and will never be are the thoughts permanently etched in the mind of ... more

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The Messenger
Date to be Advised

In a world unseen by human eyes, there exist Messengers whose sole purpose is to bring us the answers to our prayers... more

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Strange Fire
Date to be Advised

Maison Levi is a successful businessman who considered himself to be fortunate in life. But all that changed for him after... more


All I Want for Christmas
Date to be Advised

Malcolm and Olivia Cooper are the parents of two teenagers, Ava and Jason. Although the family enjoys a relatively good relationship, external family members... more

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Agents of Darkness
Date to be Advised

The world can be a dark and unforgiving place, but for a convicted felon like Dominic Dawson, it became even darker after serving 20 years in prison for... more

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I Hear Him
Date to be Advised

Not everyone's cry can be seen by the human eye... more


Date to be Advised

The issues of life often clouds our ability to.... more


Chapter 7
Date to be Advised

Bankruptcy can sometimes be the answer we... more

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.jpg

Date to be Advised

Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil... more


Strange Children
Date to be Advised

They are detrimental to homes, businesses and ministries. Until they are cast out, children of ... more


You'll Never Walk Alone
Date to be Advised

To Be Updated.

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Production Pick

the Prophet the Prostitute

As a Playwright you tend to get that special feeling about some scripts you have written more than others. That's the case with the Prophet & the Prostitute. This promising classical masterpiece was conceptualized and written in late 2021, to which I am convinced would be well received by all viewing audiences no matter the colour, creed or class; including those of the LGBTQ+ community.  It is a compelling and insightful story unlike anything that has been seen before, and one that will not be soon forgotten. Be sure and SUBSCRIBE to get premiere dates for all shows including,        the Prophet & the Prostitute - How Far Will You Go For Love?


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